Hookah Evolution

Over time, Nan and I have worked our way through a number of hookahs… always looking for a better smoking experience (as proper hookah snobs are bound to do). Here lies our hookah evolution:


We begin with Large Marge, a 2-foot Syrian hookah that had staying power. Purchased on Mother’s Day 2012, Marge stuck around for nearly a year before meeting her unfortunate demise at the paws of Cheeky. Marge gave a great smoking experience – little effort needed, lots of smoke provided. The Syrians know how to make a good hookah! Marge was purchased for approximately $80 from Wonderland Smoke Shop in Santa Ana.

Rating: 4 Coals


Next up is Topsy Turvy. Purchased after the untimely demise of Large Marge, Topsy was an impulse buy. She was half-price, but still nearly $40. Poor quality. Got clogged a lot. All glitz and no quality.

Rating: 1.5 Coals

beach 2

And now for the grand dame – our current Mya hookah (Egyptian) – Beach! Beach is just grand. Named after my sweet grandma (she loved blue sea glass), this hookah has it all. A compact body for a high-quality, safe smoking experience. Very smooth. Beach cost $70 and is worth every penny!

Rating: 5 Coals

We hope to keep Beach going for awhile, since she is such a gem. Please leave feedback as to your favorite type or brand of hookah!


It is official!

Mother, Nan and daughter, Carlye are officially hookah snobs.

Did they used to be satisfied with merely one flavor of tobacco at once? Yes. Now they require unique mixes and blends.

Did they used to smoke the same bowl of tobacco for hours on end? Yes. Now they require hourly(ish) refreshers.

Join Nan and Carlye on their daily hookah adventures.
The hookah snobs have arrived!