Hookah Evolution

Over time, Nan and I have worked our way through a number of hookahs… always looking for a better smoking experience (as proper hookah snobs are bound to do). Here lies our hookah evolution:


We begin with Large Marge, a 2-foot Syrian hookah that had staying power. Purchased on Mother’s Day 2012, Marge stuck around for nearly a year before meeting her unfortunate demise at the paws of Cheeky. Marge gave a great smoking experience – little effort needed, lots of smoke provided. The Syrians know how to make a good hookah! Marge was purchased for approximately $80 from Wonderland Smoke Shop in Santa Ana.

Rating: 4 Coals


Next up is Topsy Turvy. Purchased after the untimely demise of Large Marge, Topsy was an impulse buy. She was half-price, but still nearly $40. Poor quality. Got clogged a lot. All glitz and no quality.

Rating: 1.5 Coals

beach 2

And now for the grand dame – our current Mya hookah (Egyptian) – Beach! Beach is just grand. Named after my sweet grandma (she loved blue sea glass), this hookah has it all. A compact body for a high-quality, safe smoking experience. Very smooth. Beach cost $70 and is worth every penny!

Rating: 5 Coals

We hope to keep Beach going for awhile, since she is such a gem. Please leave feedback as to your favorite type or brand of hookah!


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