Snob Life.

It’s really not easy being hookah snobs.

Or so we found out last night, when we discovered that our supplies were running low. We were out of quick-lighting coals (nooooo!!!!) and were down to plain-Jane tobacco flavors (double-noooooo!!!!). After purchasing more coals (who knew it was so tough to find a smoke shop open after 8pm?), we moved on to finding a winning flavor combination. Without the zip of our fave flaves, Mojito and Wildberry Mint, the hookah experience was lacking. These snobs determined that without some minty zip, the hookah just isn’t as exciting as it should be…

We tried the following, to no avail:

* Passion Fruit Mojito – no go.
* Passion Fruit Mojito & Purple Savior (yes, it was called Purple Savior) – heck no! Don’t even know what possessed me to purchase Starbuzz tobacco. Take it from this hookah snob – it is no good.
* Added some Champagne for zip – tasted like soap.
* Passion Fruit Mojito & Rose – lacked flavor and fun.

What was missing, you ask? It is now apparent that we need some sort of mint component to make our hookah a happy one. Mojito, Wildberry Mint, any kind of mint really… So today I shall return to Dream Tobacco in Anaheim in hopes that they have received a new shipment of Argelini… Crossing our fingers for Clementina, Mojito and other fave flaves…

Because these snobs are unwilling to compromise on their hookah experience!


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