The Quad – do you dare?

I have referred to a variety of flavor combinations on this blog – from mixing two flavor treats, to going so far as mixing THREE flavors together (the “tri-blend”). Last night Nan and I got real crazy, making the move to the “QUAD BLEND.” That’s right, folks, we blended four flavors together for what ended up being an exemplary taste sensation.

Not only was it a good tasting hookah, the smoke it gave off was consistent and plentiful. In Nan’s words, “This is a good blend. A smooth smoking experience.” Well said, Nan.

So what, you ask, did we blend? I’ve found that blending some Fumari tobacco, which tends to be quite sweet and flavorful (yet lacks a punch) with some Argelini tobacco (which is more neutral tasting, yet can give you a good head rush), you end up with a well-balanced smoke. So, I blended some Argelini Cool Mint, Argelini Champagne, Fumari Strawberry and Fumari Mint. The result? Deliciousness.

Tune back in soon to learn more about our flavor mixing experiments!


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