Eureka! I found it!

As you well know, it has been over a month (heck – maybe even two?) since the Hookah Snobs have been able to find their tobacco of choice — Argelini. We have found some flavors here and there, but nothing amazing. The two tobacco shops that we frequent – Dream Tobacco in Anaheim and Quik Stop Tobacco in Orange – have yet to receive new deliveries, leaving the Snobs sad and dissatisfied with their hookah experience…

Enter A and A Tobacco in Orange (at the corner of Chapman and Main). I went to pick up some Thai Food last night, and decided to jump into A and A Tobacco before picking up the food. Sure, I’d called and tried numerous shops for Argelini (to no avail), but there might just be a glimmer of hope, right? Well, what I saw put a spring in my step… those beautiful little black tins beaconed to me from the shelves… Eureka! I found it!

I was able to get a tin of Lychee and Pomopolitan (do not judge), both worthy mixing flavors. They did not have our beloved Calamantina in stock, although the gentleman working there claimed to carry it often. They, apparently, have not suffered the lack of Argelini. Which means the Snobs have a new Argelini source – close to home, slightly more expensive than Dream (but worth it), and well-stocked with our favorite delights.

Life is good again!


One response to “Eureka! I found it!

  1. Happy to announce that we are Argelini’s newest authorized online reseller for their shisha. We have in stock 25 different flavors and have access to any of their additional flavors within 24 hours as we’re located only 30 minutes from their Southern California Headquarters. We also carry Starbuzz, Fumari, and Fantasia. We guarantee to beat all other online reseller in price.


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