What’s your flavor?

Over the past few weeks, Nan and I have been in the hookah duldrums. Neither of us was really enjoying a flavorful hookah experience. What was the reason for this? Not really sure… At first we thought we had grown tired and burned out on our beloved Argelini tobacco. Then we hypothesized that we were missing the “flavor seal” that using foil provided (we had transitioned to a pre-made topper on the bowl of the hookah). Nothing seemed to help us out with our endeavor, though – we just weren’t getting any flavor out of our hookah experience. Talk about frustrating!

My favorite hookah shop – Dream Tobacco in Anaheim – has experienced an Argelini dry-spell for nearly a month. No inventory coming in – no new, exciting or favorite flavors. Due to this predicament, I was forced to go with Fumari tobacco. I was hesitant to do so, as I had tried Fumari before and remember it being super-sweet and overwhelming.

It was the moment of truth… I mixed some Fumari Strawberry and Lemon Mint and… ta-da!!!!! We have flavor!!!!

This was an exciting moment for Nan and I. Our zest for the hookah had returned. We found that mixing the Fumari tobacco (which is quite sweet) with the Argelini tobacco (as a neutralizer) produced an excellent smoking experience. So, we’re back on track!

The moral of the story is – sometimes it just takes a little change to reignite your zest for something. In the Hookah Snobs case, this certain something is our zest for the hookah!