It’s a hookah snob fieldtrip!

Welcome back after a lengthy break from the hookah snobs! Not to worry – we haven’t stopped our hookah endeavors. I was just particularly lazy in my writing. 🙂

What better way to kick-off the blog again than with a hookah snob fieldtrip? Being the Groupon-obsessed person that I am (yes, I recognize that I have a problem), I felt it necessary to purchase a Groupon to a local hookah lounge – Titanium Hookah Lounge in Anaheim (corner of Ball and State College). Nan and I decided to venture to Titanium last night, as my Groupon was about to expire. We walked in early, but were cheerfully greeted by the Titanium staff. We soon found out that my Groupon set us up with a Paradise Hookah – basically, a hookah with half a damn pineapple mounted on top of it, sprinkled with delicious tobacco flavors and an icy tip that keeps the smoking experience smooth and delightful. Holy smokes! What a treat!

Half a damn pineapple!

Half a damn pineapple!

In addition to the amazing pineapple-infused hookah, we were treated to a particularly friendly DJ with a penchant for country music. Pineapple hookah while being serenaded by Kenny and Dolly? Let’s just refer to this as “heaven!”

We also had the pleasure of meeting some gentlemen who excel in hookah appreciation – one who smokes hookah, and one with his own website dedicated to selling all things hookah ( I highly recommend checking out the site, whether you’re looking for a new hookah, coals, tobacco or tips. Neiman – the President of Ultimate Hookah – was super-friendly and nice. Check out his site!

Overall, the Titanium Hookah Lounge experience was exceptional. Everyone was so nice and accommodating. The Hookah Mistress (or so I shall call her) gave us a mini-lesson on how to prep the pineapple for smoking. You know I’m going to have to give it a whirl at home! They kept the coals warm, made us feel very welcome, and answered our bevy of hookah-related questions. Definitely worth the school night outing!